Control Mechanisms

Panel Control Mechanisms

Instant Research is a professional "self-service" online data collection tool.
A robust Ipsos ONLINE panel is used for respondent selection based on your criteria and the following data collection.
The Ipsos ONLINE panel was audited in 2017 by a professional association, SIMAR, and received a Quality Service Provider Certificate.
The certificate is valid for 18 months and then is based on regularly made audits testing its validity for another period of time.

Monitored Quality Standards

Respondent Duplicity Checks

It is necessary to make sure each member of the panel is registered only once. The duplicity check is mainly done by checking bank account numbers, where the payment for each panel member is deposited. Secondly, we check the uniqueness of each member via personal information, such as name, place of living, age, phone number, etc.
Finding duplicity is cause for removal from the panel.


Ipsos guarantees maximum participation of each respondent in a survey 1× every 14 days. The SIMAR standard is 1-2× a week.
Our Ipsos ONLINE panel sent approximately 16 questionnaires to each respondent last year.
We track the survey topics our respondents are involved in. We make sure no respondent is able to answer the same topic more often than once every 3 months. By doing so, we are able to avoid answers being affected by previous surveys.

Time Check

We measure the total time answering the questionnaire, the time spent on chosen questions and the average time spent on each page of the questionnaire. Based on those measurements we are able to evaluate whether the respondent pays enough attention to answering the questions.
If the answering time is too short, the questionnaire is automatically discarded and an email is sent to the respondent.

Telephone Verification After Registration

Every new respondent goes through the process of verifying their identity and correctness of their personal information stated in the entry questionnaire.