Business Conditions


under the trading company IPSOS, s.r.o.
identification number: 267 38 902


1.1. These terms & conditions of IPSOS, s.r.o. company, based in Topolská 1591, Černošice, Praha - west, identification number: 26738902, (further just “Ipsos”) regulate the mutual rights and obligations arising in connection to or pursuant to a service contract (further just "Contract") concluded between Ipsos and another natural or legal entity (further just "Client") through the website Ipsos.

1.2. Terms & conditions then regulate the rights and duties of contracting parties in the usage of Ipsos' web page located at (further just “web page”) and other related legal relationships. Provisions outside of the terms & conditions are possible to arrange based on individual agreement between Ipsos and the client. The additional provisions are then prioritized over original business conditions.

1.3. Provisions of the conditions are an integral part of the contract. The Business Conditions may be unilaterally amended or supplemented by Ipsos. The current terms and conditions are applicable to all the agreements between the Parties.

1.4. The contract between Ipsos and the client is concluded according to law no. 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code, as amended. All relationships unedited by contract or business conditions follow the Civil Code. This service is not intended for individuals who are not businessmen.


2.1. Ipsos provides service for the client based on the following conditions, which consist of using on-line tools for fulfilling data collection based on client parameters in the form of a questionnaire built by the client.  

2.2. The client is obligated to fill in the correct information during the process of ordering the service, create a user profile and create the questionnaire. Ipsos considers the information listed by the client as being correct.

2.3. The client claims the ordering of service from Ipsos in relation to business activity, respectively as academic research in meeting public needs.

2.4. Ipsos is not liable for system failures that have not been intentionally caused by Ipsos.

2.5. Ipsos has the right to cancel the contract with clients who intentionally harm the operation of the web interface and Ipsos clients, who use the service contrary to the law and morality.

2.6. Ipsos reserves the right to cancel any project. In case of cancellation of the contract / project by Ipsos, the client is entitled to a refund of the already paid funds (service price), in full and within 3 working days from providing the account number for refund by the client.


3.1. Ipsos web interface includes:

  • A calculator, which allows the client to know the price of the service all of the time
  • A target group of respondents
  • A questionnaire made through a simple interface (edit option)

By using the tools above, the client based on their choice, specifies the subject of the contract, thus creates a questionnaire.

3.2. Before accepting the final form of the questionnaire, the client is able to check and edit the information they inserted into the questionnaire.

3.3. The questionnaire is agreed on by the client and sent to Ipsos by clicking the “Pay Research” button.

3.4. After agreeing on the final questionnaire form for data collection, the client is shown the price for services (the actual price can be seen even while creating the questionnaire in the calculator). Payment is based on the client's choice in the following ways:

  • by credit card online
  • by bank transfer to Ipsos, the account number will be sent to the client's email address (the client is obligated to make the payment with a variable symbol, sent to their email address as well).
  • by payment gateway

3.5. The contract is concluded at the moment the total price for the service is credited to Ipsos' account.

3.6. Immediately after the payment is credited to Ipsos' account, data collection begins based on client requirements specified in the questionnaire.  Also, a notification e-mail from Ipsos is sent to the client's e-mail address. This informal e-mail includes confirmation of the contract and a listing of the time to perform all services.

3.7. The result of Ipsos' activity is an output, which means the data emerged from the concluded research (data collection) according to the questionnaire compiled by the client. This output will be sent to the client by e-mail in the form of tables classified by basic socio-demographic criteria no later than the fourth business day of the contract commencing. The client acknowledges and agrees that the result is a simple collection of data, with which they will continue to work with. Ipsos bears no responsibility for further processing of data. The client acknowledges and agrees that Ipsos is not liable for errors caused by interference of third parties to the website or arising from the use of the website in ways not intended. Ipsos is not responsible for the content of the questionnaire and does not participate in the content of questionnaire.

3.8. The contracting authority is fully responsible for the research design, the wording of questions and the selection and size of the target group. In case the contracting authority publishes the source of data, it is required to use the formulation: "Data was collected by Ipsos Instant Research".
The results must not be shared with the accompanying text like: "The research was carried out by the Ipsos agency", or "The research was carried out by the Ipsos agency for the company ..…“. Violation of this condition, which could damage Ipsos‘ reputation, may result in legal action.


4.1. Personal data protection of clients, who are individuals, is provided by law no. 101/2000 Sb. on personal data protection, as amended.

4.2. The client grants Ipsos the right in accordance with law no. 101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection agreement, to process their personal data and any subsequent processing.

4.3. The client acknowledges that they are obliged to state their personal information correctly and truthfully.

4.4. The client acknowledges that the stated personal information is accurate and that they were advised that stating personal information is voluntary. The client declares they were advised that the consent with processing personal data can be recalled by written notice delivered to Ipsos' address.


5.1. If a relationship related to the use of the website or the legal relationship established by the contract includes an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that the relationship is governed by Czech law.

5.2. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is invalid or ineffective or develops into one, instead of the invalid provision, a provision whose meaning is the closest to the invalid provision, comes into effect. The invalidity or unenforceability of one provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Changes and amendments to terms and conditions require written form and the change is effective from the date of publication on the Ipsos website. Contracts concluded before the publication date and their fulfillment are governed by the current version of the business conditions.

5.3. Ipsos contact information is as follows: e-mail address

5.4. Any disputes that would arise from the contract or in connection therewithin shall be resolved by agreement. If no agreement is reached, it shall be decided definitively by legal court where Ipsos is officially registered.


In Prague on 8th October 2018