Instant Research is developing rapidly. Try it!

This "self-service research” project, which Ipsos started in November 2012, is gaining more and more popularity. Since the beginning, we've already had more than 1,200,000 interviews with Ipsos ONLINE panel members, who at this moment include more than 100,000 registered respondents. Instant Research is currently being used by both our long-term and new clients in PR and communication agencies.

Read feedback from our clients:

Marcel Bodnár, Key Account Manager, AC&C Public Relations, s.r.o.

"It´s gladdening to see that, on the Czech market, there appeared a fairly fast, simple to use and intuitive tool for quick research. The wide-base panel and detailed possibilities to filter the target group are big advantages. Its functional on-line interface, offering the ability for research administration from anywhere, should be a digital era standard nowadays."

Michal Pitucha, Research Manager, Marketing & Communication, Sberbank CZ, a.s.

"I have been missing a user-friendly electronic tool for data collection. Instant Research helps our company obtain information from the market quickly and efficiently. The tool uses a wide enough respondent base, which makes it trustworthy for interpreting the results."

Milan Kříž, Account Director, Ogilvy PR

"The main reasons why we chose Instant Research are the speed and reliability of the research."


You can assure yourself, it's really easy!